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2018 Briggs & Stratton 150kW1 Standby Generator (080020)

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Briggs & Stratton
150kW1 Standby Generator (080020)



The Briggs & StrattonĀ® 150kW1 helps ensure that your business won't take a hit when a power outage strikes.

  • Support and Service Made Simple: The 150kW1 system is designed to make maintenance easier. The side panels are fully-removable and the gas shocks keep it propped open for quick total access.
  • Built with Components from Top Manufacturers: Briggs & Stratton is committed to providing a high-quality 150kW1 standby generator. To accomplish this, Briggs & Stratton has partnered with well-known and respected companies to install a high-performance alternator and the best controller on the market.
  • Industrial-Grade Engine: The 150kW1 standby generator runs on a durable 1800-RPM PSI engine that is EPA certified. The Industrial Power Solutions International engine means powerful performance when it matters most.
  • Customized Transfer Switch: Briggs & Stratton partnered with ASCO® to develop a high-grade transfer switch available for the 150kW1 unit. When a power outage occurs, a transfer switch automatically moves critical power from the standby generator to the business or home that is wired to. Briggs & Stratton is backing the new transfer switch with a 3-year parts and labor warranty.
  • 3 Year Parts, Labor and Travel Limited Warranty: Our customer-focused limited warranty is the most comprehensive in the industry. Offering a 3 year parts, labor and travel limited warranty. Click here for warranty details.
  • Model Number: 080020
  • Engine Displacement (cc): 8.8/537
  • Alternator Type: 4-Pole, Rotating-Field
  • BTU/hr No Load: 290,000
  • Short Circuit: 300% up to 20 sec.
  • HZ: 60
  • Frequency Regulation: (+/-) 0.5%
  • RPM: 1800
  • Alternator: Mecc Alte
  • BTU/hr @ 1/2 Load: 1,105,000
  • Warranty (Product)***: 3 Years Limited
  • Engine Series: PSI
  • Voltage (V): 120/208 150/188 150/188
  • Sound @ No Load: 77 dB(A) @ no load
  • Cylinder Arrangement: V8
  • Controller: DSE 7310 MKII
  • Phase: 3-Phase
  • Amps: 520 451 225
  • Governor Type: Electronic
  • BT/hr @ Full Load: 1,970,000
  • Weight (lbs): 5380
This generator is rated in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 No. 100-04 (motors and generators).Warranty details available at briggsandstratton.com.



Engine Type
8.8/537 cc


5380 lb.


Noise Level
77 dB(A) @ no load

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