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2019 Generac 450kW Gaseous Generator SG/MG450

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450kW Gaseous Generator SG/MG450



Some authorities are starting to consider the natural gas grid as "on-site" fuel to meet NEC and NFPA code requirements. The reduced emissions from natural gas also helps customers be eco-friendly.

  • Generator Enclosure: Generac manufactures its own enclosures, ensuring each unit combines the highest level of durability, noise reduction, weather resistance, and streamlined design.
  • Generac Spark-Ignited Engine: Generac builds its spark-ignited engines from the block up utilizing advanced engineering expertise.
  • Industrial Alternator: Generac industrial alternators are machine wound, machine inserted, and machine varnished for the ultimate in consistency.
  • POWER ZONE™ Controller: First to market with built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LAN connections—monitoring and control is always at your fingertips via a mobile connected device—cell phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Generator Paralleling: Generac's Modular Power Systems (MPS) boast a rate of up to 99.999% reliability, and are more cost-effective and flexible than single generators with the same load capacity.
Engine Specifications
  • Make: Generac
  • Cylinder #: 12
  • Type: V-12
  • Displacement - L (Cu In): 21.9L (1336.42)
  • Bore - mm (in): 128 (5.03)
  • Stroke - mm (in): 142 (5.6)
  • Compression Ratio: 10:1
  • Intake Air Method: Turbocharged/Aftercooled
  • Number of Main Bearings: 7
  • Connecting Rods: Alloy Steel
  • Cylinder Head: Cast Iron - OHV
  • Cylinder Liners Cast: Alloy Steel
  • Ignition: Altronic CD200D
  • Piston Type: Aluminum Alloy
  • Crankshaft Type: Forged Alloy Steel
  • Lifter Type: Solid
  • Intake Valve Material: High Temp Alloy Steel
  • Exhaust Valve Material: High Temp Alloy Steel
  • Hardened Valve Seats: High Temp Alloy Steel
Engine Governing
  • Governor: Electronic
  • Frequency Regulation (Steady State): ±0.25%
Lubrication System
  • Oil Pump Type: Gear
  • Oil Filter Type: Twin Full-flow with Intercooler
  • Crankcase Capacity - L (qts): 30 (31.7)
Cooling System
  • Cooling System Type: Pressurized Closed Recovery
  • Water Pump Flow - gal/min (l/min): 211 (800)
  • Fan Type: Pusher
  • Fan Speed (rpm): 1404
  • Fan Diameter - mm (in): 1117.6 (40)
Fuel System
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Carburetor: Down Draft
  • Secondary Fuel Regulator: Standard
  • Fuel Shut Off Solenoid: Standard (Dual)
  • Operating Fuel Pressure (Standard): 11” - 15” H2O
  • Operating Fuel Pressure (Optional): 7" - 11" H2O
Engine Electrical System
  • System Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Battery Charger Alternator: Standard
  • Battery Size: See Battery Index 0161970SBY
  • Battery Voltage: (2) - 12 VDC
  • Ground Polarity: Negative
SG = single unit, gaseous fuel MG = modular/paralleling unit, gaseous fuel



Engine Type
Generac V12
21.9 L (1336.42 cu.in.)


AC Output
450 kW

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